Papaya Scrub

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Pamela Metamorphosis Exfoliating Papaya Scrub

Did you know that the Papaya Scrub is scientifically designed to work in combination with the Enzyme Exfoliating Mask? The papaya enzymes from both products work together to break down the debris on your skin’s surface that clog pores, and create blackheads and breakouts. The grainy, gel-like texture dives deep into your pores to lift away impurities. Make this dual-action scrub a part of your beauty regimen and you can say hello to beautiful skin.

The Exfoliating Papaya Scrub is different from other exfoliators. Its microbeads are complemented by hardworking enzymes, so there is no need to rub your skin aggressively when applying it. The Exfoliating Papaya Scrub is intended for normal to oily skin types.


  • Pore-refining scrub fights clogged pores
  • Formulated with Diatomaceous Earth and Papaya Fruit Extract
  • Gel texture with cleansing microbeads
  • Papaya enzymes dissolve impurities
  • Dual-action (scrub + mask) formula for exfoliation without aggressive rubbing
  • For normal to oily skin types
  • Not tested on animals
  • Does not contain parabens